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Not only is Sam an awesome guy and an amazing drummer. He is a superb teacher that can get to the root of your "faults" and come up with a plan to correct it. He cares about what "you" want out of your drumming and your kit, and he takes the time to make sure you get it. I contemplated my new kit         for well over 5 months not knowing what exactly what I was looking for. One trip to Sam I Am Studios was all I needed to remedy that! Sam took the time to listen to what my needs were, my concerns with a new kit and kindly did not pressure me in any way, his knowledge of drums and percussion is             hands down top notch, he is the "go to guy" when I am in a rut!  My kit consists of a SONOR Select Force Jungle kit in "Smooth Brown Burst" I added on an additional 17.5" x 22" Matching kick for when the 16 wasn't enough, and matched it with the snare to round it off. I am in love with my SONOR Select         Force kit, and I have quite a few jealous friends now! 
      Sam you are the man, Thanks for taking the time and having the patience for a undecided drummer!




I have been playing drums for over 40 years, and I have delt with many musical instrament dealers in that time. Sam is the Only dealer that I have done business with that has actually treated me like a person, not just a customer. He worked with me and made me feel that my time and my purchase were very important. Delivery time was great, my drums were here in 5 days, most other places I have delt with seemed to have sent their drums by way of pack mule, it took forever. I have the utmost respect for Sam and I would suggest to anyone wanting to buy new drums, to purchase them from Sam I Am Studios. I recieved my Sonor Ascent drums today, and not only are they beautiful, They are THUNDEROUS!!. They are the best sounding drums I have ever owned, and believe me, I have owned and played many sets in my life.
Just to let you know, you have been the Most responsive and well communicating ebayer, both buying and selling, that
i have dealt with in all of my transactions...A+++++ man!



It certainly makes sense to be a return customer with your high level of service and integrity – Much Appreciated!



The drums arrived safely today. THANK YOU!! They are wonderful!

I wish there was a way I could leave you tons of positive feedback. I am very happy.

Take care and hope to do business with you again real soon.



Sam,  I just received the Sonor items today... 

I really like doing business with you,  your customer focus is exceptional.

Thanks a million,



Great thanks Sam!


I have found my Sonor connection!!!
I will email you as soon as it arrives.
Thanks again for the quick shipping.
All the best.


Thank you.  I got it today and it is awesome.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and i hope to sometime buy something from your store again.  I frequently check your store on ebay


Thanks for that snare! Can't believe the condition of that. I wish more people would take care of their Sonor gear like that. It's a beauty.



HI, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Sonor Delite kit this weekend. We played 3 shows and the thing sounded superb from song 1! Until now, my DW collectors series was the highest end kit I've owned. This one absolutely blows it away in every aspect in my opinion!!! 
Thanks, Again!