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SQ2 Drum System

Click here for a PDF of the Sonor SQ2 Catalog


SQ2 Drums for sale in our eBay store


The SQ2 series offers totally customizable drum kits. Choose your favorite shell material, thickness, finish (option with finish inside shell too), hardware, and drumheads.

Options include:

• Shell Material: Maple, Birch, Beech, or Acrylic 
• Shell Thickness: Heavy, Medium, Thin, and Vintage
• Hardware: Chrome, Meticulously Plated 24-Karat Gold, or Black Plated
• Finishes: High Gloss, Semi Gloss, and Wood 
• Other Finish Options: Sparkle Finishes, Fade  
  Sparkle Finishes, Wraps, Solid Fades, and Solid Colors

SQ2 Shells - The finest shells deserve the finest woods & acrylic

Scandinavian Birch has an aggressive, distinctive tone with tremendous projection. Providing low and high frequency clarity with a smooth balanced mid range.

North American Maple offers a mellow, warm and very balanced full tone providing low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs.

German Beech wood offers a full, warm tone with evenly balanced lows. mids and highs. Tremendous projection, tone and dynamics.

German Acrylic have a full-bodied tone with great presence and powerful dynamics. Accentuated highs and lows are more dominant with reduced mid range frequencies.


Choose Shell Thickness

Vintage Shell 

Thin Shell 

Medium Shell

Heavy Shell

SQ2 Shell Hardware -Chrome, Black Plated or Gold

Refine your SQ2 kit with meticulously plated 24 k gold, chrome or black plated drum hardware!

Select Snare, Tom or Floor Tom Remo Medium Drum Heads in Clear or Coated

Select Bass Drum Resonant & Batter Heads:

     Remo Power, Black, Sonor Logo or Power, Black, Sonor Logo, SQ2 Logo

     Remo Power Clear, Sonor Logo or Power Clear, Sonor Logo, SQ2 Logo

     Remo Power Natural, Sonor Logo or Power Natural, Sonor Logo, SQ2 Logo

     Remo Powerstroke 3, Coated White, Sonor Logo or Powerstroke 3, Coated White, SQ2 Logo

     Remo Powerstroke 3, Smooth White, Sonor Logo or Powerstroke 3, Smooth White, SQ2 Logo


The SQ2 Distinction

     Features & Benefits

Dual Glide Snare Throw-off & Butt-end System  - Now installed on all new SQ2 snares configured on the SQ2 configurator.

TuneSafe - Right in Tune 100% of the Time!

All Sonor lugs are equipped with the TuneSafe, which prevents tension rods from loosening even under the hardest hard rim shots or loosely tuned heads. Select between square-head tension rods, or our traditional slotted tension rods. Both versions utilize a fine-threading for precise optimum tuning.

APS - Maximum Sustain

Special APS (Advanced Projection System) rubber insulators prevent direct contact between any metal parts and our shells. This gives our drums an extraordinalry dynamic, precise sustained tone.

T.A.R. - Extreme Resonance

T.A.R. (Total Acoustic Resonance) Tom Holder System freely suspends the toms to ensure incredible resonance and tone.

AcoustiGate - World's only adjustable Sustain System

Our AcoustiGate option on select T.A.R. Tom Mount Systems allows you to fine-tune resonance and sustain of your Tom.