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Customer Sonor Kits

If you bought a Sonor kit from Sam I Am Studios and would like to see it here, just send your photos to

A beautiful double bass drum set-up from John. It's an SQ2 kit with Shell Finish Outside in High Gloss Veneer Blue Tribal. Shell Finish Inside is Black Lacquer.

2 x 22x15 Bass Drums in Heavy Maple

8x7, 10x8, 12x9 Toms in Medium Maple

14x13 & 16x15 Floor Toms in Medium Maple

14x6 Snare with Die Cast Hoops Medium Birch

All Hardware is Sonor 600 Series

Here is what John had to say about the drums and his experiece with Sam I Am Studios.

"Hello Sam,

     Happy to announce that I finally got the Blue Tribal kit set up!  Took it on the back patio to get some natural light photos.  Sounds and looks absolutely incredible!  The matching snare is magic!  The full set of Sabian Artisans and custom Sabian cup chimes round out such a beautiful set.  Thank you!  I've really enjoyed working with you over the years.  Fast, accurate, professional customer service.  Highly recommended for ALL new Sonor purchases!"

Thank you John!

"Ordering any item off the internet sight unseen can be tricky, especially one as important as a lifelong custom instrument. Thankfully Sam made sure the entire process went picture perfect from start to finish. From the best price around to answering my numerous questions. Now I have the set of my dreams that honestly exceeded all expectations."

Adam Thank you!


Alan great looking ProLite in Silver Sparkle!


I have purchased at least 6 Sonor kits and 1 Yamaha kit from Sam Galizia in the last several years…….my kits purchased from Sam include 2- Designer kits, 3- SQ2 kits, a Ascent kit, and the last purchase a silver sparkle ProLite kit.  Each and every transaction has been 100%.  The shipping, communication and follow-up have been second to none…..Thank you Sam for your professionalism and your passion. You are an asset to the drum community!





Jeff likes his ProLite Créme White kit so much he is looking to add another bass drum!




Gustavo's SQ2 Scandinavian Birch kit with a Sonor Artist Earth Snare 13" x 5" - 28 Ply Beech, 27mm thick and an SQ2 10" x 4.25 side snare with Stratawood outside and Tiger inside. He has added a 18" gong drum & SQ2 14" x 6" Heavy Beech Snare Drum in Scandinavian Birch with Gold Hardware to his kit too!



Bob's Birch Infinite kit in Vintage Onyx.




Love the new Birch Infinites. The finish and workmanship are both flawless and they've gotten a lot of compliments on both their sound and looks. Thanks Sam!


Mike says...."Loving the Prolite kit you set me up with. Beautiful sound. Beautiful finish. My drummer friends are drooling."

Awesome kit!

Thank You!




Bill another beautiful Sonor drum kit to your collection!

Thank you!

S Classix Walnut Roots 7 piece kit. Another happpy customer!

Thanks Mike!

ProLite 7 Piece in Exotic High Gloss Walnut Brown Burst (22 Bass Drum, 8 - 10 - 12 toms, 14 & 16 floor tom 14 snare)

Sonor 600 series Hi Hat & Double Pedals

Paiste Cymbals

"I couldn't be happier with my new kit! Not only does it look great, but the sound it produces is absolutely amazing. Working with Sam was a cinch. The drums arrived in perfect condition.

Thanks again"

Thank you David!!

ProLite 5 Piece kit  (22 bass drum, 10 & 12 toms, 14 & 16 floor toms)

in Semi Gloss Natural Finish with a  ProLite 14" x 5" Brass snare on order to complete the kit.


"Received the Prolite kit last Monday and couldn't be happier. Everything arrived in perfect condition and as expected. Thank you."

Ed - Enjoy!!

Sonor Select Force Brown Galaxy Sparkle

"This kit gets attention! Thank you Sam!"

Thanks Elias ...

Sonor SQ2 Walnut Roots w/ Gold Hardware

"I'm immensely enjoying the kit, and have gotten many complements both on its sound and its beauty."

                                   Thanks Rob!

Sonor Delite Birdseye Azure

Thanks Robert!

Sonor SQ2 American Walnut

Thanks Andrew!

Sonor Ascent Natural Finish, first day on the job.

Thanks Spider!