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SQ2 Smoked Larch High Gloss 3pc
SQ2 14x6 American Walnut Medium Maple Snare
SQ2 Rosewood Semi Gloss Medium Maple 4pc
SQ2 Ebony Maple Bop 3pc Kit
SQ2 14x6 Brilliant Black Vintage Maple Snare
SQ2 Blue Sparkle Medium Maple Kit 4pc
SQ2 14x6 Black Sparkle Vintage Beech Snare
SQ2 13x7 Earth Finish Heavy Beech Snare
SQ2 14x6 Smoked Larch Medium Maple Snare
SQ2 Yellow Sparkle High Gloss 5pc
SQ2 14x5.5 Black-Silver Sparkle Birch Shell Snare
SQ2 Black-Silver Sparkle Birch Bop 3pc Kit
SQ2 14x6 Blue Sparkle Medium Beech Snare
SQ2 14x7 Blue Sparkle Medium Maple Snare
SQ2 14x6 Rosewood In & Out Medium Maple Snare
SQ2 14x6 White Sparkle Medium Maple Snare
SQ2 14x5.5 Blue Sparkle Heavy Maple Snare
SQ2 13x6.5 Scandinavian Birch Medium Beech Snare
SQ2 Gold Glass Glitter Med Beech 3pc
SQ2 Scandinavian Birch Medium Beech Bop kit 3pc
SQ2 Red Pearl Vintage Maple Kit 5pc
SQ2 American Walnut In & Out Medium Maple Kit 5pc
SQ2 Blue Sparkle Medium Maple Kit 5pc
SQ2 White Pearl Vinatge Beech 3pc
SQ2 Gavin Harrison Blue Tribal 6pc
Birch Infinite Limited Edition Drums
Newport Drums
Sunset Beech Limited Edition Drums
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Sonor Birch Infinite Special Edition Drum Kits





               Vintage Azure                                   Vintage Onyx                                           Vintage Amber




  The "Birch Infinite" shells provide tremendous projection and a solid, distinctive tone. The Smooth, balanced midrange is an excellent complement to the clarity of the highs and lows. The bass drum is 22"x18" (virgin), 10"x8" & 12"x9" toms with 16"x16" floor tom as a shell pack. Add on drums are 14"x14" floor tom & 14"x6" snare drum with Dual Glide System.

     These handmade German drums will feature top shelf fittings, the T.A.R. mounting system, tuning lugs with TuneSafe, Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM), Remo USA heads.


9 Ply Shells 6mm thick Snare, Toms & Floor Toms

9 Ply Shells 8mm thick Bass Drum



$2599 4 Piece Shell Pack (SOLD OUT)

$599 14x14 add-on Floor Tom (SOLD OUT)

$599 14x6 add-on Snare (SOLD OUT)


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