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Sonor Beech Infinite Limited Edition Drum Kit

Discontinued No Longer in Stock

Sonor has a long history of creating Beech Shells from the very forest that surrounds Sonor. Beech features tremendous tone, projection, dynamics as well as an evenly balanced, full, warm tone. The shells are handcrafted with Sonor's very own CLTF "Cross Laminated Tension Free" process and all lugs are equipped with TuneSafe for maximum tuning stability.

Engineered and manufactured in the Sonor factory in Bad Berleburg-Aue, Germany, the limited run unites state of the art quality, craftsmanship, sound, and a compelling new lacquered process that has never been used to finish drums.

In a complex process, all of the "Beech Infinite" shells are finished with a special "SoftTouch" paint by hand. The result is a unique, velvet-like shell surface. Available SoftTouch finishes are "Creme Lacquered" and "Piano Black".

A "Beech Infinite" design badge adds to the exclusive personality. The Shell kit comes with a 22" x 20"(deep) Bass Drum (no mount) for uncompromisingly fat sounds, a 14" x 6" Snare Drum and shallow sized Tom Toms in 10" x 7" & 12" x8" and Floor Toms in 14" x 12" & 16" x 14" that enhances definition and attack.

6mm thick Snare & Toms Shells

8mm thick Bass Drum Shell


The Beech Wood species is known for delivering a tone that lies between the fatness of Maple and the higher range of Birch, which will add a bit of control to the kits canon like kick drum.

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