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The Highest Quality Drum Kits Made by Sonor


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Sonor SQ2 Drum Kits & Snares, Vintage SeriesProLite Drum Kits & Snares, German Snares 




The SQ2 series offers totally customizable drum kits. Choose your favorite shell material, thickness, finish, hardware, and drumheads.

TuneSafe - Right in Tune, 100% of the Time!

APS (Advanced Projection System) - Maximum Sustain

T.A.R. (Total Acoustic Resonance) - Extreme Resonance

AcoustiGate - World's only adjustable Sustain System


Go to the Sonor SQ2 Configurator and create your dream kit today!

Drums Set, Drum Sets in Northville, MI



ProLite continues the legacy and the sound of Sonor in a gorgeous new way. North American Maple Vintage Shells with new TAR Free Floating Tom Mount and laser etched washer around the vent hole "Made in Germany Since 1875".


Newport (Discontinued)

Newport Limited Edition Heavy Beech Shells limited to 50 kits. Shell pack (22,10,12,16) with add on drums 8x7 tom, 14x12 floor tom & 14x6 snare.

Delite (Discontinued as of Dec 2013)
The Delite series features extra thin, full maple shells crafted of North American Maple with reinforcement rings(Vintage Shell). 

S-Classix (Discontinued as of Dec 2013)
The Classix series features thin, full birch shells made of Scandinavian Birchwood. These drums provide maximum strength and perfect, neutral tuning thanks to tension-free cross lamination of the individual layers of wood (CLTF Cross Lamination Free Process).

 Artist & Signature & One of a Kind Snares 

 • Steve Smith

 • Gavin Harrison

 • Phil Rudd

• Benny Greb

 • Mikkey Dee

• One of a Kind 2017 Bocote Edition

 • One of a Kind 2017 Cocobolo Edition

 • Art Design

 • High Gloss Tineo

 • Cottonwood

 • High Gloss Gold

 •High Gloss Steel

• High Gloss Bronze

 • Natural Amboina

 • High Gloss Maple


The Ascent series Beech shells deliver maximum strength and perfect, neutral tuning, thanks to tension-free cross lamination of the individual layers of wood (CLTF Cross Lamination Free Process).

Force Series
 • Select Force: All Maple Shell with 9
    High-Gloss Finishes
 • Essential Force: Birchwood Shells with
    6 Different Finishes
 • Smart Force: Poplar Shells with
    6 Different Finishes

Hardware and Parts
We carry a wide range of Sonor hardware including:

 • JoJo Mayer "Perfect Balance" Bass Drum Pedal

• Giant Step Pedals

 • 600 Series Hardware

 • 4000 Series Hardware

 • SoundWire™ Snare

 • 200 Series Hardware

  • All Accessories



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