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Sonor ProLite Snare Drums for Sale

See current ProLite kits & snares for sale in our eBay Store

Be sure to read the review of the ProLite drums.

Sonor ProLite Snares

14" x 5" & 14" x 6" Nussbaum w/ Die Cast Hoops


New:Dual Glide System snare strainer mechanism a new an innovative snare mechnaism is now incorporated into the new ProLite Series.

The new stranier mechanism features a technically perfected snare wire engage-and-release system, along with great adjustability and a solid look and feel. "Dual Glide Sysyem" referres to the precise and smooth action, which in turn elimiates an un-wanted sounds when the snare wires are placed in "On" or "Off" position. Both the strainer and butt sides are equipped wth a fast-release snare wire detach function, allowing the drummer to change the resonant head without haning to loosen and adjust the snare wires. A fine-tune adjstment knob is employed on both sides.

Sonor ProLite Snares are available with Die Cast Hoops on the 14x5 & 14x6 snares only. The Power Hoops 2.3mm are available on all ProLite Snares.

14" x 6",  14" x 5",  13" x 5"  &  12" x 5",  North American Maple, Brass or Steel Shells

 We have many ProLite snares in stock in many sizes in all finishes, go to our eBay Store.


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