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Florian Alexandru-Zorn Master Class 7/18/12
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Sam I Am Studios hosted Florian Alexandru-Zorn July 18, 2012.


Alexandru-Zorn-Complete Guide to Playing Brushes (w/DVD) - Product Information

The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes by Florian Alexandru-Zorn uses detailed illustrations and video demonstrations to eliminate the guesswork of brush movements and clearly show all the facets of playing. Beginning to advanced players will equally benefit from this course. Topics include rudiments, the details of sweeping motions, tap sounds, and grooves.

This book and DVD kit is ideal for drummers ready for an in-depth study of playing with brushes.

The included DVD shows all of the exercises in great detail, with split screen front and top shots.

Alexandru-Zorn-Brush Secret (2DVD) - Product Information

The Brush Secret is Florian Alexandru-Zorn's comprehensive and clear concept for brush technique that will work for all drummers. This double DVD will reveal the secret of playing brushes by not giving mindless and endless patterns but by gathering every concept for each playing style and genre from Jazz to Funk or even Reggae.