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Steve Smith 30th Annv. Tour 6/15/08
Florian Alexandru-Zorn Master Class 7/18/12
JoJo Mayer Clinic 9/26/12
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Your Source for Sonor® German-Made Drums

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Contact Sam I Am Studios at 734 377-1959 or email.


Sam I Am Studios is a Sonor Certified Plus Dealer for German-made Sonor SQ2, Vintage Series, ProLite, and Artist & Signature Snare drums, the world's best drum kits. We offer fast shipping anywhere in the US. We provide Sonor drums and accessories exclusively, and ensure that every product we sell is of the highest quality. All of the Sonor series drum kits are available in many finishes and shell materials. Contact us today to learn more about Sonor drums and for ordering information.

Featured Sonor Products:

 • SQ2 

 • ProLite 

 • Vintage Series 

 • Delite Discontinued

 • S Classix Discontinued

 * Ascent

 • Select Force 

 • Essential Force 

 • Smart Force

 • Hardware and Parts

 * Artist & Signature Snares

The Largest Exclusive Sonor German-made Dealer in the US !

Sam I Am Studios is the largest Sonor German-made drum dealer in the United States and has worked exclusively with Sonor drums for many years. We have unparalleled knowledge of the SQ2, Vintage Series, ProLite, Delite and Artist & Signature Snares we offer, so we can help you find the perfect drums to give you the exact sound you're looking for. All Sonor Drum kits, hardware & accessories that you see we have in stock and ready to ship!

Here are just a few more reasons to choose Sam I Am Studios:


 • Certified Plus Dealer for Sonor® Drums
 • Superior Quality  Products
 • Fast Shipping for All  Orders
 • Honest,  Personalized Service


PDF of Sonor's 2016 current catalog:

2016 Catalog


PDF of Sonor's SQ2 catalog

Go to our eBay store for the largest selection of Sonor Drums in the US!


 Contact us for prices and availability of Sonor drums.



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